Professional Background

I am the Founder and CEO of Avertro, the cyber-why company.

I have over 20 years of experience in a variety of leadership, advisory, strategy, sales, marketing, product management, and technical roles across Asia Pacific and Europe in some of the world's leading companies including McAfee, Ernst & Young, and IBM.

I have also delivered countless keynote presentations at industry events, been interviewed and quoted in the media, and contributed articles to a variety of publications.

I have built, led and managed teams with multi-million-dollar sales, operational and delivery targets, defined and executed go-to-market strategies based on market analysis and needs, set corporate and product strategy, brought new products to market, and run major cyber transformation programs and engagements.

Avertro is a venture-backed cybersecurity software company based out of Sydney, Australia.



I have delivered hundreds of keynotes to large audiences all over the world and am a sought-after expert in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, cyber risk, cyber safety, and cybersecurity.

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I have appeared on global media channels including CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Channel News Asia, Sky Business News, ABC News Australia, and Channel Seven Australia.

I am also frequently quoted in major newspapers, business publications, and technology outlets



I hold open office hours on the following topics occasionally to help others the way my mentors have helped me

Business & Entrepreneurship

I founded and currently run a startup, have held senior leadership positions in large corporations, and have years of international experience.

Speaking & Presentations

I've done thousands of presentations and have crafted stories, pitches and slide decks for many different reasons.

Business & Technology Trends

I've had to predict trends all through my career, and have been right more times than I've been wrong.


I know a thing or two about all things cybersecurity and cyber safety in a business context, as well as for consumers and citizens.

Writing & Storytelling

I've always written throughout my career formally and informally for clients, and for myself. Read my articles online for examples.

International Business

I've worked and travelled extensively over the past 20 years and have a vast amount of experience working with different cultures.

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